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Fall / Winter
Lunch Menu

Carnivore, Vegan, & Gluten-free friendly

    Step into the heart of culinary craftsmanship at Rosewood Market's Kitchen, where lunch is not just a meal—it's a freshly made, from-scratch experience that delights the senses. From Mondays through Saturdays, from 11 am to 3 pm, our kitchen is a symphony of flavors, offering a unique Protein and Three concept that allows you to curate a meal tailored to your preferences.

    Freshness is our mantra. Every dish is crafted with care, using the finest ingredients to ensure a burst of flavor in every bite. The Protein and Three concept gives you the freedom to choose a protein and three market sides, along with your preferred sauce and toppings, creating a personalized culinary masterpiece. It's a journey through taste and texture, where each dish reflects the vibrant energy of our kitchen.

    Vegetarian excellence is our pride. Voted consistently as the best vegetarian menu in Columbia, our kitchen celebrates the diversity and deliciousness of plant-based cuisine. Our seasonal menu is a canvas of flavors, with several off-menu vegetable dishes daily. From hearty salads to inventive vegetable creations, our commitment to vegetarian excellence shines through in every dish.

    Convenience meets quality in our Grab and Go case. Stocked with packaged sandwiches and salads, our Grab and Go case ensures that even on the busiest days, you can savor the freshness and goodness that define Rosewood Market's Kitchen. It's a curated selection of on-the-go delights, perfect for those who seek a quick and delicious meal without compromising on quality.

    Seasonal changes bring new inspirations to our menu. Our kitchen embraces the rhythm of nature, with seasonal changes that introduce fresh and exciting flavors. It's a culinary journey that evolves with the bounty of each season, ensuring that every visit to our Kitchen is a discovery of something new and delightful.

    So, whether you're a vegetarian connoisseur, a carnivore enthusiast, or someone seeking a culinary adventure, Rosewood Market's Kitchen invites you to savor the artistry of freshly made, seasonally inspired dishes. Join us for a lunchtime experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every plate is a testament to our commitment to quality, variety, and the joy of great food.

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