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5 snacks available at Rosewood Market for your next road trip

Updated: Jun 17

Ready to hit the road for your next adventure? Rosewood Market has you covered with road trip-ready snacks to keep you fueled for the drive or just throughout the summer.

Here's a round up of our favorite snacks for road trips:

Bjorn Qorn popcorn

Aisle 2

Bjorn Qorn on the shelf at Rosewood Market.

This non-gmo popcorn is popped using heat from the sun and seasoned with all natural, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients.

Flavor options: Classic, Earth (truffle), Spicy, Maple, and Cloudy (salty)

Mezcla Plant Protein bars

Aisle 1

Mezcala Plant Protein bars on the shelf at Rosewood Market

Mezcla brings both texture and taste with their pea crisp layered plant protein bars in a series of unique flavors.

Flavor options: Japanese Matcha Vanilla, Itallian Pistachio Chocolate, Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter, Spanish Almond Butter Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate

Griff's Toffee bars

Center aisle

Griff's Toffee bars on the shelf at Rosewood Market

Take a bite of a dark chocolate layer with a pecan finish — and if you're looking for a boost, the coffee option includes espresso as an added touch.

Flavor options: Pecan and coffee

Uglies Kettle Potato Chips

Aisle 2

Uglies Kettle Potato Chips on the shelf at Rosewood Market

Crafted in small batches using potatoes with slight imperfections that might otherwise be discarded, these kettle chips are a great snack for a good cause.

Flavor options: Sweet Potato, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Bar-B-Que, and Buffalo Ranch

IQ Bar

Aisle 1

IQ Bars on the shelf at Rosewood Market

Filled with plant protein to fuel both your body and mind, each bar only has one-two grams of sugar and two-three grams of net carbs making it tasty and healthy way to stay energized.

Flavor options: Peanut Butter, Banana Nut, Chocolate Sea Salt, Almond Butter Chip, Lemon Blueberry, and Toasted Coconut Chip

Make sure to stop by to pick up your next fave before you hit the road this season.

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